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Heather Somohano
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To utilize my Web design and writing skills in the information technology environment.


Computer Languages: Spacer image XHTML, HTML, CSS, Visual Basic, and beginning JavaScript.


Applications:Spacer image Notepad, Dreamweaver MX, beginning Flash 4, beginning Flash MX,
Spacer image FreeHand 10, Illustrator CS2, Photoshop 7.0, PowerPoint 2003,
Spacer image Microsoft Word 2003, Microsoft Word 2000, Microsoft Word 1998,
Spacer image Microsoft Word 1995, Microsoft Access 2003, Excel, Lotus, and Visio.


Communication and Financial: Creating Web sites, project management, devising
Spacer image strategy, rebidding projects, editing, writing reports, creating
Spacer image advertisements, creating fliers, giving speeches, interviewing, recruiting,
Spacer image hiring, conducting payroll, and cashiering.


Personal Interests:Spacer image Poetry composition, watercolor painting, short story writing, and walking.

  • Project management for market research, museum, and educational organizations.
  • For eight years, created and analyzed market research reports in Microsoft Word and in Excel to devise strategies for focus discussion groups.
  • Daily written or verbal client correspondence.
  • Trained interviews on unbiased screening practices to recruit respondents for objective focus discussions.
  • Motivator.

Associate Applied Science Degree in Web Design
Seattle Central Community College, Seattle, Wa 2006.
Time magazine listed "Best Community College" 2001-2002.

  • Nominated to National Dean's List 2004-2005.
  • Member of Phi Theta Kappa 2004 to present.

Muscular Dystrophy Association, Seattle, Wa
Volt Services Group

2002 to Present
2001 to Present

Fund-raising Consultant

  • Daily guide and motivate 36 to 72 business owners and managers.
  • Recruit business owners and managers for fundraisers.
    • The business owners and managers that I recruited raised $9,000 during the Bellevue project.
    • For the Seattle Space Needle project, I recruited the top fundraiser, who raised $5,000.
  • Including in-kind contributions, I raise approximately $75.00 to $400.00 per month.
  • Our group has raised more funds than last year with every project.

Nordic Heritage Museum, Seattle, Wa

2000 to 2001

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Wrote articles for the Bugle, newsletter.
  • Maintained weekly admission desk, gift shop, and phone desk volunteers.
  • Recruited and scheduled 165 volunteers for Yulefest.
  • Expanded new volunteer base from approximately 102 to 165.
  • Orchestrated bulk mailings.

Gilmore Research, Portland, Or

1991 to 2000

Focus Supervisor, Centel Supervisor, Interviewer

  • Assisted in the original creation of the focus department.
  • Analyzed, edited, and created Microsoft Word and Excel documents and screeners to ensure quality research.
  • Watched quotas and created quota sheets.
  • Daily oral communication and written communication to clients.
  • Fully involved in the interviewer hiring process.
  • Trained employees to become interviewers, assistants, and report makers.
  • Composed detailed evaluations on employees' progress.
  • Before creation of the Focus Department, supervised 17 to 32 interviewers for the Centel Department.
  • Conducted interviews with doctors, business owners, and consumers by telephone.
  • Top recruiter invited approximately 40-118 respondents per month to focus groups.
  • Outstanding show rate with respondents. Often 90% to 100% show.

David Douglas School District Citizens' Advisory Committee, Portland, Or

Vice President, Ventura Park Representative

  • Researched relationships with the business community.
  • Devised report on improving relations with the business community.
  • Delivered speech before the David Douglas School Board on fostering more interaction between the business community and the David Douglas School District.

Floyd Light Middle School, Portland, Or

P.T.A. Vice President, Committee Chairperson

  • Created news articles, advertising, and fliers for the Floyd Light Jamboree and for the Campbell Label Drive.
  • Count money before and after school functions.

Ventura Park Grade School, Portland, Or

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Created a newsletter, Kaleidoscope. Wrote the articles and designed the layouts.
  • Assigned, trained, and motivated the efforts of 32 volunteers who assisted in the office, library, and classroom.
  • Tutored students.

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